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Industrial Matting has been in business for several years and had a digital agency already supporting their inbound marketing. Since they were accustomed to buzzwords like SEO, and PPC, our goal was to simply show them that there was a lot of room for improvement. We wanted to revamp a better converting website, increase their keyword rankings and get them a higher click through rate on their paid marketing. Sounds ambitious right?


Our team went on attack mode to get keyword rankings up. We redesigned the entire website to ensure it was user friendly and mobile responsive. From there, we created compelling content focused on keywords. While our SEO efforts were in the works, we completely reconstructed the pay-per-click strategy from scratch. By reorganizing the campaign and optimizing ads to be more compelling, we could better track our improving metrics.


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Keywords on 1st Page Nationally


PPC Click Increase

Our ROI happens when someone picks up the phone and calls me or they submit an email via the website.  I can say that I have calls every week from people I’ve never talked to before, and I would say 95-99% of that is coming in as a result of the marketing efforts.”

– Jeremy Thelin, Matting Specialist

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