Apparel with a Purpose


Forestry Clothing is a small brand with a mission to make a difference. That is why every item sold plants a tree, right here, in the Pacific Northwest. As a small brand, they struggled to establish a brand image, gain a following, and everything down to the profit margin per shirt sale had to be under a microscope.


With apparel being such a diluted market, our team focused on helping Forestry boast their mission through videos, the content on their website, and even the way that they shot their product photography. From the moment you see one of their Instagram posts, or land on their website, you get a grasp of what this brand is all about. Since Forestry creates such a strong following, consistent social media marketing and a friendly email campaign has created a growing stream of sales.



Revenue Increase


Social Follower Growth


Increase in $ per Sale

“Their approach to our brand helps us stay unique. The creative content and social marketing are why our customers buy Forestry, and that is why we continue to grow.”

– Nick St. Pierre, Director of Sales

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